Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the tour price?

Everything that is written out on the itinerary is included in the tour price. The all-inclusive prices that are assigned to your custom-designed itinerary include all transportation, accommodations, admissions, events, meals, expert tour guides, and gratuities! Unless the itinerary states that a meal will be on-your-own, everything is covered.

What is NOT included in the tour price?

The only item that is not included in the tour price is money for souvenirs. A person can travel with Appian Tours without a single penny on them; however, we do encourage bringing a small amount for souvenir shopping.

I don’t see the destination I had in mind? Am I limited to the options on the website?

Absolutely not!!! At Appian Tours, we custom build EVERY itinerary to fit the wants and needs of your group. The sky is the limit! Anything you have in mind, we can build it in, and work within your budget to see all that we can see!

How many people constitute a “group?”

Although we are extremely flexible with group sizes, we typically will set a customized tour up for a minimum of 30 paying individuals. We can do tours for group sizes of 30-300!

Are there any FREE TRIPS?

If you ask for it, we’ll probably be able to give it to you! Our typical tour leaders will receive one complimentary trip for every 10 to 15 paying individuals. With this system, school groups do not need to pay for any teachers or chaperones. If you need a better ratio, we can be flexible! At Appian Tours, if you want to be a group leader and travel anywhere for free, just get a group together and you go FREE!!!

How do I reserve a tour, and do I receive a contract?

After you give us a call at (877) 703-2959 or email at, we will get you set up with a tour and will have a contract sent immediately. We are flexible with the terms of the contract and will work around your parameters to make the entire process extremely simple for you!

As the Tour Director, what are my responsibilities for planning the trip?

Because you have decided to let Appian Tours plan your trip, the next steps for you are easy – just promote the trip, and follow a simple plan where we will provide everything you need to get people signed up! We handle the itinerary, you handle the individuals. Give us a call a (877) 703-2959 to find out how easy it is to send your group on a trip of a lifetime with Appian Tours!